Enjoy your relaxing holiday at Lake Ossiach

Do you dream of a camping holiday by the lake? Then stop dreaming and come to us at lake Ossiach in Carinthia. A beautiful, unique nature, a lake that invites you to swim and enjoy, and a well-kept campsite are already waiting for you!

Camping means to blend into the nature

It is no big surprise that Camping has had a resurgence over the last few years as it allows holidaymakers to feel at one with nature. Our place is located directly on the lakeside of Lake Ossiach, so you can take a dip into the water anytime. An early morning swim can be just what you need to kick start your day! Or take a leisurely approach: have a cup of coffee at the campsite and enjoy breakfast with anticipation of the day ahead by the lake.

There is a lot to do in Carinthia

We will be excited to give you tips and travel advice for Annenheim and the surrounding area. There are lots of things to do: take a hike or go on a mountain bike tour, explore the lake by kayak, enjoy the relaxation in the lake sauna or on our sun terrace, visit a petting zoo or come to our campfire by the lake. In addition, in the summer months we offer Zumba am See as well as a free-swimming course. The cable car or even a tandem skydive could be an unforgettable experience.