Enjoy your relaxing camping holiday at Lake Ossiach

Do you also dream of a camping holiday by the lake? Then stop dreaming and come to us at den Ossiacher See to Carinthia. A beautiful, unique nature, a lake that zinvites you to swim and enjoy, and a well-kept campsite is already waiting for you!

Camping means to become one with nature 

Camping has been making a real comeback for several years – no wonder, because on a camping holiday you are the natural person closer than any other form of vacation. Our place is located directly on the shore of the Ossiachersee, so that you can take a dip in the cold water at any time. An early morning swim can be just what you need to kick start your day! Or take it easy:Have a cup of coffee at the campsite, enjoy a rich breakfast and the day ahead at the lake.

Hut instead of tent

New to us are simple 4 bed huts with electricity. A comfortable and dry alternative to a tent. 
Price: € 55 per hut per night excl. Local and overnight tax. 
Incl. Admission to the lido, WiFi and electricity.
Incl. richtuat sports program (registration required, free continent at course places available) 
Mattress and fitted sheet are provided. Sleeping bag required!
Reservation from one night, please by mail.